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Parties at the Buddy Club

Special Admission and Personalized Tickets:
Invite as many people as you want to the show.
We will create personalized tickets with your child’s name and age.
You only pay for those who come to the show (no guaranteed head-count necessary).
You’ll get priority admission and the best seats.


During the Show:
Everyone sings “Happy Birthday”.
Performers will give special attention to the birthday child, including them in the show if they want.
Cameras are welcome!

Party Space After The Show:
Have lunch, cake and ice cream.
Special discounts on Pizza delivery if you wish.
Open presents, play games, run around and make a huge mess.
After the kids have had two hours or more of solid fun, you can say thanks and goodbye.


We’ll Clean Up!

Birthday Parties in Mill Valley are only the room rental plus your admission to the show.